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Ozg Liaisoning Group, London

Liaisoning.com is an official website of Ozg Liaisoning Group, London.

Ozg Liaisoning Group works with Ozg Regulatory Affairs Consultants in developing countries to speed-up the projects and funding process. It offers various services to social businesses, institutional investors, donors or grant-making organizations, banks, NGOs and Gov Dept to achieve their goals in an effective manner.

Ozg Liaisoning Agents are mostly based in capital city of a province; they hold a proven track record and well trained to meet the deadlines.

Ozg handle the assignments related to -

1. Liaisoning.

2. Maintaining complete details on current regulatory practices.

3. Helping Companies, NGOs and institutions to build fruitful project partnership with government.

4. Approval of necessary legal licenses, permissions and deal with all kinds of clearance issues.

5. Helping Ozg Documentation team to prepare and review the project reports.

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Ozg Liaisoning Group

Ozg Center, London, United Kingdom

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